Mustang Sally
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Rainy Day Boat Yard Blues


The April 2005 haul out at Colony Wharf in Bellingham was cold, wet, and slow.  I admit to being a bit depressed until the rain finally stopped and it warmed up. We got the work done, only three days behind schedule.  Man, it feels so good when you are done!

Best thing about it?  We shouldn't have to do it again until New Zealand !! 

  .. Rainy Day Boat Yard Blues  ..
My paint wonít stick and my mix wonít kick,
It is so dang cold and my resin's is getting old,
My hands are like leather,  curse this cold wet weather,
Donít wanna be here,  but the tropics are near,
Got them rainy day boat yard blues.

The jel coat crack caused by a nasty wack
With a log last year,  asleep at the wheel dear?
Now the cracks a void,  so grinding I canít avoid
Now thereís a hole in the bow,  and thatís not allowed
Got them rainy day boat yard blues.

  My home is up a ladder,  and Iím getting sadder
Dirt and grit everywhere, and thatís not fair
The furnace went boom,  and exhaust filled the room
Its cold and wet,  the tropics no nearer yet
Got the rainy day boat yard blues

Working long hours, not smelling any flowers,
Muscles they ache,  been weeks since a break,
Don't wanna a normal job, quit the 9-5 mob
Dreams donít come easy,   and Iím a getting queasy
Got the rainy day boat yard blues

  Now the suns coming out, and we're shaking all doubt,
Karma for the machine,  get her all shiny and clean,
Fix everything in sight,  that's a real delight
Gonna get Sal off the ground, gonna run those tropics down, 
Splash her in the water, girl we really got her
Shaking those rainy day boat yard blues.. 

Getting a lift from Mark

  Such fine carpet in the entrance!

Delam Repair


New Propeller


Wadda mess muchacho


Ready to splash in the water