Mustang Sally
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Technical and Sailor Stuff


In this section of the web site we will put more technical information that should be helpful for other sailors contemplating similar voyages. Feel free to email with questions or suggestions.

    Here you can view some technical specifications about Mustang Sally  
    Why a catamaran?  
    Mexican export/Import procedures.  Minimize the pain involved with returning your fancy new gear to the US or Canada after it craps out in the first few months in Mexico.   
    Mexican clearing in routines for boaters entering in Ensenada.  
    Mexican Myth Busting.  Stuff that people honestly believe to be true but reality shows is nonsense.  
    San Diego Cruisers Survival Guide.  
    What is the Snap-Crackle-Pop sound my hull is making?  
    An analysis of Baja Hurricane activity over the last 10 years.  
    A Preventer Enhancement. - Keep the boom from bashing downwind.  
    Internet Connections on the boat.  How do you do it?  
    Watermaker Info - Operational Ideas.  
    Anchoring Techniques - How we stick it in the sea floor.  
    Boat Karma - What's that all about?  
    Prep Jobs - What was done to get Mustang Sally Ready?  
    West Coast Bars - What's needed to Navigate the Bars.  
    Navigational Equipment - What does Mustang Sally Use?  
    Why Harbor Hop the Coast to Mexico?