Mustang Sally
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Where is Mustang Sally now?

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Point Roberts, Washington - Arrived June 2008 Ah, back home again.  After many wonderful adventures it is great to be back.
New Zealand Nov 22nd -  April ish 2007. 

We were very happy to be surrounded by the charms of this pleasant island nation.  Things work in New Zealand.  There are people who know what they are doing.  They have the tools and supplies to do anything.  They can almost always understand you – even if the thicker accents are a little hard to understand.  The phones work, the toilets work, newspapers, grocery stores, the roads are good,  – civilization as we know it !!

Our New Zealand base was Tauranga Bridge Marinia.  Slip D60.  On the Bay of Plenty, east coast New Zealand, North Island.

New Zealand Passage November 15th – 22nd  With a fresh crew, Rae, Lee Wolff, and Graeme Tempelton point Mustang Sally south and hang on for the ride.  Brisk winds hurry us south in powered up conditions.  185 miles days with a double reefed main.  Sharon goes the hard way – by air.  She is evacuated from Nuka’lofa via Australian military jet  to Sidney when the locals set the town on fire.
Tonga  October 28th – November 14th  

Tonga is a string of lovely volcanic islands. The northern Islands are reminiscent of the Gulf and San Jaun Islands in British Columbia, Canada – except for the temperature.  One could spend a month or a season here, but an unbelievably early start to the tropical storm season provides powerful motivation to get out of the tropics and move towards New Zealand. 

October 19th - 26th 2006 Niue.  Smallest (in population terms) country in the world.  Place where peoples hearts are huge.  Probably the most sail boat friendly place in the world.  And the clearest water in the world.  Dive here!!  It is surreal.  1500 citizens on the island.  20000 citizens in New Zealand.  Weather delays.
October 8th - 16th, 2006 Palmerston Atoll The picture perfect Pacific atoll.  Palm trees.  Bright white sand.  Warm trade winds.  Warm turquoise waters.  Great fishing.  Hospitality.  Bob Masters and his family are wonderful.  Here is a song about Palmerston Island and the Bob Masters family. We had to leave in a hurry at cocktail hour after a brisk westerly made the anchorage untenable.
October 3rd - 6th, 2006 Aitutaki, Cook Islands.  In the Cook islands people are more friendly and open. They love to party and dance.  Every night except Sunday you can find the Polynesian dancers and singers.  So much more spontaneous and enthusiastic and innocent.  We loved Aitutaki.
September 21st - Oct 1st, 2006 Bora Bora.  By far the most beautiful island in the Society Islands.  A place where the turquoise waters reflect of the birds and clouds giving them a distinctive green colour.  Have you ever seen a green cloud?  Or a green sea bird.  Perhaps the island should be renamed to "The Land of the Big Green Cloud".  Bora Bora was our favorite of the Societies.
September 12th - 21st, 2006 Rairatea and Tahaa.  More picturesque Polynesia.  The living was easy and the free public dock was nice.  The snorkeling at Tahaa was just great.
September 11th - 15th, 2006 Huahine.  The western interpretation of the word "Huahine" implies womb.  A Polynesian woman explained that the literal translation of the word refers to a part of woman a little lower down in front.  The early Polynesians had no inhibitions about the parts of the body.  The missionaries tried to soften a lot of Polynesian place names.  Our Polynesian interpreter also explained that the ancient Polynesian's considered 'it' a holy place from which the fruits of life spring.  I like that. 

Regardless this laid back island was a fine hideaway far from civilization and any worries.  Except for the coral bottoms which did not hold our anchors very well. 

Shoot did I tell you about the time we went down a narrow passage in the coral to a place where the deep water spread out like a spoon.  Just enough water to swing around on the anchor.  At midnight the wind picked up and the depth alarm went off.  Mustang Sally was in 3 feet of water over ther reef.

OK, Rae!  Lets see you navigate down a narrow passage, 20 feet wide, two miles long,  in the pitch black, with 25 knots of wind on the beam.  With Sharon and Annie helping we did it!  Into a safe anchorage at 2:00 AM.  And the deck was slippery with the bullets we sweated.

September 5th - 10th, 2006 Cooks bay on the Island of Moorea.  From the relative hustle bustle of Tahiti, back to tranquility - mostly.  This calm quiet anchorage represents all you have dreamed about in French Polynesia.
August 18th-Sept 4th, 2006 Threaded the pass into Papeete Harbor, Tahiti, French Polynesia at 12:30 AM.  Stern tied to the quay right in downtown.  Noisy traffic, but fun to be in civilization again after so many months in remote area.
August 15th & 16th, 2006 Fakarava Atoll, Tuamotu, French Polynesia.   The diving.  Clear clear, deep blue water, warm water, with thick coral, thousands of fish. The 1/2 dozen big grey sharks patrolling the reef took my breath away. The ride to the reef was almost as good as the dive. Big 35 foot inflatable, zooming through the rough seas at 20 knots.
August 9th to August 15th, 2006 Kauehi Atoll, Tuamotu, French Polynesia.  A week of relaxation and fun with our friends on Bogtrotter and Pathfinder.  Perfect sandy beaches, palms, coral heads and aquamarine water.  Fishing, diving, drinking and partying.  Polynesian hospitality from Ririfatu and Johana
August 7th to August 9th, 2006 Passage to Kwauhi in the Isles de Tuamotu, French Polynesia
August 2nd to 5th, 2006 Bay of Virgins on the Island of Fatu Hiva.  Claimed by many to be the most beautiful spot in the Marqueses - we concur.  Trading for fuel, tapas and fruit.  Wonderful people in a fantastic setting.
July 26th to August 2nd, 2006 Baie Hanamoenoa on the Island of Tahuata.  Picture perfect Polynesian beach, deserted coconut farm, fresh water, great swimming.  BBQ's on the beach.  Paulo, Champagne Traveler, Ralph.  Turned the lights out.
July 22nd - to July 26th, 2006 Village of Atuona on the Island of Hiva Oa.  Beautiful, albeit rolly anchorage.  Any place would look good after 21 days on the sea.  But  it is a lovely Island and the Polynesians are very kind and honest.  Hitch hiking every where.  Amazing fresh climate, refreshing rains.
July 2nd to July 22nd 2006 3000 mile passage to the Marqueses Islands in French Polynesia.  Perfect beam reaching conditions.  Long sail, tired and worn at the end, but happy to have done it.
June 29th to July 1, 2006 Islas Galapagos, Puerto Villamil on Isla Isabela.  Easy overnight sail. Beautiful anchorage with 12 other Marqueses bound boats.  Getting to know them all and enjoying the crystal clear waters, pelicans, pink flamengos, etc.
June 18 to June 28 2006 Islas Galapagos.  Puerto San Cristobal. It was a perfect sail to the Galapagos.  Close reaching conditions the whole way.  Burned three gallons of diesel.  Winds reached 30 knots, but averaged just 15.
May 15th to June 11th 2006 Peru.  Tombes, Lima, Nazca, Arequipa, Juliaca, Puno, Lake Titiqaqa, Cuco, Machu Pichu, Lima, Tombes and return.  Loved the buses - hated the buses.  Loved Peru.
May 15th Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador.  The 7 day upwind and up current voyage was without incident.  Day after day of sailing.  We used the motors to help when the wind went light.  We are now Shellbacks all.
April 18th Panama City, Panama.  This vibrant metropolis will be our home for the next week or so while we haul the boat and paint the bottom.  The city skyline and water remind us of Vancouver and pangs of homesickness touched our hearts..
April 13, 2006 Las Perlus Islands, Panama.  Perhaps the most beautiful Islands we have seen on the  entire west coast of North and Central America.  We fell in love with these thinly populated and remote islands.  We will return after our haul out.
April 11 2006 Bahia Baneo  AKA Surf City Panama.  A pleasant whistle stop, we hid from the waves behind a small island and watched the surfers ride the waves while we waited for good weather for rounding Punta Mala.
April 10, 2006 Ensenada Naranja. A another lovely bay all to our selves and the occasional fisherman.
April 9, 2006 Ensenada del Naranja - Isla Sebaco, Panama.  Lovely spot, but the gringo  operators of a resort made us feel unwelcome, so we left the next day.
April 7, 2006 Bahia Honda, Panama.  The Panamanian's made us welcome to their rustic  tropical villages.  We were amazed by the life style and traded for fruit and desiel.
April 5, 2006 Islas Secas, Panama Remote gems of Panama.  Crystal clear water, great diving and perfect tropical weather.
April 2, 2006 Gulfito, Costa Rica.  Hot, steamy and delightful.  We felt welcome and enjoyed our stay in this lovely tranquil town.
April 1, 2006 Bahia Drake, Cost Rica.  A lightning storm more powerful than we have seen in our lives nearly scared us out of our skin.  A beautiful beautiful place, but the electrical storms scared us away.
March 29th 2006 Quepos, Costa Rica.  Lovely town - a laundry stop for us.  $60 to have every piece of clothes and all sheets on Mustang Sally washed.
March 26, 2006 Herradura and Jaco, Costa Rica.  Beautiful beaches that soaked us.
March 24, 2006 Bahia Ballenna (Bay of Whales) Costa Rica
March 23, 2006 Montezuma, Costa Rica
March 22, 2006 Bahia Corrilla, Costa Rica.  Pleasant sail with the kids from Taranindo.  Light Papaguyos winds changing mid-stream to gentle SW breezes.  No dolphins, or whales for the kids to see.  Caught an Amberjack.
March 17 2006 Land trip with the kids up to Monte Verde, Costa Rica and vicinity.  Zip line tours, butterflies, hummingbirds and all things natural.  We are surprised to find a temperate rain forest similar to those found on Vancouver Island, way down here in Costa Rica!  Hanging out at a  volcano hot springs resort - we heard the volcano, but low clouds obscured it.
March 14, 2006 Bahia Flamingo.  The marina is gone!  Closed - according to the coast guard, because of pullution.  Not much of a Marina anyway.  Anchored in the Bay instead.  Josh and family flew in from Vancouver and we bask in the pleasure of each others company after almost 9 months away. 
March 13, 2006 San Jaun Del Sur, Nicaragua to Playa del Coco, Costa Rica.  Reaching in the Papaguyos winds.  25 knots power us around Punta Elena, then sailing on a beat inside the islands in 25 -30 knot gusts.  Wind drops to ziltch as we enter the Gulf of Papaguyos.
March 12, 2006 El Astrillero to San Juan del Sur.  Contrary Papaguyos winds continue to make for tough going.  25 knots and gusting.  Sticking close to shore to minimize fetch.  Long southerly tacks, followed by short shoreward tacks to regain proximity to coast.  Triple reef conditions.
March 11, 2006 Planned Barrilles, El Salvador to Bahia del Coco, Costa Rica.  A predicted weather window closes abruptly and we get slammed by the Papaguyos winds.  Gust 25-30 knot contrary winds from the ENE.  Just enough northerly component to the winds that we can beat south east toward Costa Rica.  Tough going.  Decide to stop for rest at El Astrillero, Nicaragua.
March 9th Barrilles, El Salvador.  Beautiful harbor, 10 miles up an estuary in El Salvador.  We relax and enjoy a brief stop to re-charge in this  luxury resort.  The president of El Salvador frequents the resort.  With three pools, tropical birds, palapas with Internet connections at each table it is fantastico.   Outside the resort,  the contrasts are stunning - scrubby dirt poor sugar cane farms, and third world towns.
March 6, 2006 Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala.  Culture shock hits us like a freight train as we travel to the interior towns of Antigua and Chichicastenango.  Antigua is the old capital of the Spanish Empire of Guatemala which included most of Central America.  Chichicastenango is a Mayan market town.  Guatemala, over populated and poor, but with a zest for life that shines through.
February 27, 2006 Hautulco, Mexico.  Relaxing and waiting for a weather window to cross the feared Gulf of Tehauntepec.  We enjoy the harbor and fresh water facilities. Luis the harbor master is great.  We debate crossing strategies with other cruisers and wait for the winds and seas to abate.  The town is just another canned Mexican tourist mega-resort.
February 23 -26, 2006 Puerto Escondito and Puerto Angel.  Beautiful Puerto Escondito is only an overnighter as the waters in the harbor are rolly and uncomfortable and Dan and Lucy are not here.  The beauty of Puerto Angel outshines Escondito.
February 20, 2006 B - B - Back to Acapulco.  Pit stop for fuel, a new wireless Internet card (thanks Dan) and a web update. 

We have a brand new beautiful stainless steel shroud shipped from Canada thanks to Stuart and the guys at Pro-Tech Yacht Services in North Van.  Finally beginning our dive south for central American after a two week delay.

February 1, 2006 Back to Zihautanejo Bay for Sail Fest.  Four days of partying and fun.  All proceeds benefiting the schools of Zihautanejo.

Set to blast off for Central America on Feb 7th and a rig inspection revealed a weak swage at the top end of the mast.  Shoot!  Gotta spend a week or two orchestrating a fix.
January 22 2006 Acapulco.  Beautiful Acapulco.  Set in a lovely harbor and vista's that rival Vancouver.
January 21 Punta Papanoa.  Whistle stop on the way to Acapulco.  Imagine 80 miles of white sandy beach, stretching from Papanola to Acapulco.  Wow!
January 14th 2006 Zihautenejo.  A day and a half of very smooth motor sailing to get to this beautiful Mexican vacation spot.  Tropical sun, diving and festivas.  Dan gone home.  Jaunito and Denito join the pary.
January 10th 2006 Bara Navidad and Malake.  Placid agoon - no rocking and rolling at anchor - alas no swimming!.  Beautiful towns. re-supply, re-unions with Maestra del Mar gang and Airborne. Party and feast.
January 7th 2006 Tentacatita  This may be the most beautiful place on the face of the earth.  Perfect beaches far from the growing crowds.  A boaters paradise.
Janurary 5th and 6th 2006. Chemela and Ipala.  Whistle stops on the way to Tentacatita.  So much sea life.  Whales and dophins, dorados and rays and Turtles.  Hit a big manta ray and knocked him silly.  

Ah, so many beautiful places.  So little time.

December 20th La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.  12 kilometers from Peurto Vallarta.  Great town with a rolly anchorage and a treacherous harbor for dingy landings.  Joined by Dan san Mary Ann
December 18th. San Blas - Tropical jungle and picturesque city.  And damn them little no-see-ums.
December 15th Isla Isabella - Mexican Galapogos.  Stunning wildlife, great diving, fair weather anchorage with a rocky bottom.
December 11th Mazatlan.  On the mainland in Tropical Mexico.
December 9th Back to La Paz again.  Redirect radar unit to Mazatlan.  Try and contact customs, resupply then that it for the Sea of Cortez.  We are heading for Mazatlan.  La Paz is our favorite Mexican city todate!
December 8th Espirito Santos.  We get eaten up by the water bugs!  Can 't find the wrecks off Isla Bellena.
December 5th Back to La Paz.  Chasing radar repairs and re-supplying.
December 4th Cabo San Lucas.  Via car through the beautiful Todos Santos with lunch at the real "Hotel California".  Visit Sharon's sister and borther who bought a timeshare at Esperanza.  A short stay in the lap of luxery.
December 1 Ensenada de La PazWe love this town.  A real Mexican city without the tourist hustle bustle.  Excellent marine facilities, lts of familar faces, a cruisers hangout, and an anchorage that makes the boats waltz.
November 25th Ensenada de Los Muetros  (Cove of the Dead)  Hey, inspite of the name it is a beautiful cove with abundant sea life and a delightful grass roofed restaurant and bar.  Coral is growing in and around the anchorage, but what was likely a flourishing reef, struggles to survive.  A good place to dry out after our first beat in 2,000 miles and wait for the north winds to ease.
November 22nd Los Frailes (the Friars)  This jumping off point for the southern passage to the mainland is also close to a large corral reef.  We hung out and skin dove the reef with snorkels and fins.  Fantastic experience.
November 14th Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico.  With a lot of wonderful stops in between.  Out in the wilds far from Internet, and phones.
October 20ish through Nov 12 Skipping down the Baja.  Stops included Isala Todo Santos, San Quintin, San Carlos,  Isla Benitos, Bahia Tortega Bay, Abreojos, Bahia Santa Maria, and Peurto Magdelana
October 10th Ensenda Mexico.  Kafuffle with an American war ship, then a motor sail in light winds from the south west.  Anchored in Ensenada habour by 5:00 PM
September 16th San Diego, California.  stocking up for Mexico, rebuilding windlass, fixes: escape hatch leak; solar electrics, mainsail slides etc. Hanging out at Southwestern Yacht Club.  Lotsa ways to spend money and we do our share!
September 6 Santa Catalina Island
September 4th Venice and Santa Monica (sounds better the L.A. no?)  In Marina Del Rey at the guest dock.  Largest man made pleasure boat basin in the world (according to the local literature ;-) )

Hook up with Roger and Alice for the weekend.  Groovin' on the Babe Watch - uh - boob watch - uh - I mean...Bay Watch Beach. (Santa Monica Beach)   Shoppin' surfin', swimin', feastin' and catching up on news from home.
September 3 Paradise Cove - Malibu Area
September 1st Santa Cruz Island.  A couple of days of diving in the crystal clear coves off of the islands north shore.  Met up with Ventura Yacht club and making new friends. The rolliest anchorage we have been in yet,  but great diving!
August 22nd Ventura.  There are 2,000 boats docked in the harbor and just little old Mustang Sally at anchor.  Just us and the Pelicans in the anchorage.

Enjoying Ventura's beaches and surf while waiting for Sharon's prescription drugs from Canada.

Enjoyed the Ventura Yacht Club's generous hospitality when our dingy bottom blows up.  Docked at thier club on reciprocal moorage, enjoyed a pot luck with them and lots of Mexico discussions.
August 14th Santa Barbara!  Wow. A very beautiful Spanish-American town.   Came for a day and stayed for a week.  Loved the architecture and the natural beauty.
August 13th Cojo Anchorage.  A little hook behind the feared Point Conception - "The Horn of West Coast North America."  The beach was a little scary with it's man eating pigs,  but we survived.
August 11th San Luis.  A return to the port where we recovered from the beating Pt. Conception gave us five years ago. Engines were banned for this short hop.
August 10th Morro Bay.  The most hospitable Yacht Club on the west coast put us up and treated us right.  Thanks allot Morro Bay YC!
August 9th 2005 San Simeon.  Amid dolphins, whales, sea lions, and sea otters we motored sailed 75 miles in light winds to this lovely anchorage. Most sea life we have seen yet.  Amazing!
August 8th, 2005 Stillwater Cove in Carmel Bay.  After 3 days of rocking and rolling (literally not musically) in Monterey,  Stillwater lived up to its name.  But without the waves rocking us to sleep,  we couldn't! 
August 4, 2005 Monterey.  Historical capital of Mexican and American California.  Our favorite spot in California so far.  We love Monterey.
August 2, 2005 Santa Cruz.  Summer vacation land for Bay area residents.  Amusements,  beaches, rides and fun.  Couldn't get the CQR anchor to grab the bottom in 5 tires.  But our good old Danforth bit first try.
August 1, 2005 Half Moon Bay.  Nice town.  Too much fog to linger.  Just another whistle stop on our way
July 27th, 2005 San Francisco and Sausalito.  A few days in this beautiful inland sea.  High prices, low water and big city briskness.  But cool.  Watching the the city play peek-a-boo in the fog.
July 26, 2005 Drakes Bay.  Sir Francis visited it on June 17, 1579 .  Surprisingly it is likely much the same now as it was then.  Only 50 miles from Frisco,  but mostly undeveloped.
July 24, 2005 Bodega Bay - immortalized for ever by that Lou Bega song "I've got a Girl Friend Everywhere",  we arrived in the Bodega Bay and anchored in 10' of water at the north end of the turning area.  Will be looking for Lou's girlfriend ;-)

OK,  I got it wrong.  It was Beluga Bay that Lou referred to in his song.  No wonder I couldn't find his girl friend.
July 23, 200 Arena Cove is a little notch in the coast that offers protection from North and North west winds.  The friendly harbour master comes on the radio and advises the anchor area and recommends a plow or CQR anchor as "a Danforth won't work here".  Yackety,  yack he goes on and on - free advise is worth what you pay. 

We had a tough time setting our CQR anchor.  In the middle of the process a grey whale sounds right behind the boat!  I jive the harbor master over the radio saying "how the heck are we supposed to anchor when you have whales all over the place?". 

After four tries - dragging the anchor over the rocky bottom  - we finally hook in nice and snug.  Twin diesels spinning 2000 RPM in reverse and we don't move!

Next morning, upon raising the anchor, we quietly disengaged the underwater cable that we have been hanging on and set sail for Bodega Bay.  Thanks for the advice Shelter Cove Habour Master.

July 10.  2005 Motoring of glassy sea in sunshine to return to Fort Bragg.  Friendliest town in California.
July 9, 2005 Shelter Cove, California. - not the Richmond one,  the one just south of the feared Cape Mendocino.  Rounded the Cape in thick fog.  Little to no wind.  Capes playing peek - a boo in the fog.  Radar work all day.  Closing with the coast in fading light with thick fog .... big time butterflies in the gut.
July 6, 2005 Eureka,  California.  Go now or wait for a few days.  Grounded once and then out the entrance.  Foggy sail with lots of engines
July 4, 2005 Crescent City,  California.  Easy day sail with a robust start then working with the radar to navigate through a thick fog.  Crescent City put on a great fireworks display.
July 2, 2005 Port Orford,  Oregon.  Easy sail until Cape Blanco decided to give us a kick in the pants.  Anchored safely in the lee of Graveyard Point.
June 28th, 2005 Reedsport,  Oregon.  Easy jump south to the dune buggy capital of the world.  We will be rippin up the sand dunes soon.
June 25, 2005 The original Newport,  Oregon.  Tired of waiting for everything to be perfect.  As soon as it was,  we slept in,  necessitating skipping the Columbia river and sailing overnight to here.
June 21,  2005 Beautiful Westport, in Grays Harbor,  Washington,  USA
-> Laid up with a twisted ankle waiting for the weather and tidal bar situation to come into perfect harmony.