Mustang Sally
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Beam Reaching Free



 AM  - G  10 times then D,  raunchy, rolling.

this is a song about crossing the sea
10 sail boats and my baby and me
Sailing easy on a silvery sea
3000 miles Across the south Pacific
Just to have some fun in the Polynesian sun
And we’re free, beam reaching free

Adios Galapagos,
fair Islands of green,  brown and black
And ever colour in between
We loved your life force, so strong and pure
Evolution IS the solution and powerful cure
And we’re free, we are beam reaching free

Big BogTrotter takes the point
Pathfinder flying right behind her,
Eagle Wings She’s loving the ride
Cheshire cat to the Gambiers She scats
Mustang Sally in the northern alley
And we are free, beam reaching free

Champagne Traveler blue beauty she can
Fly with the wind and Gladiolus single hand.
Paulu and the kids, keeping up with the fleet
Jock on RALPH, ROUND the clock he never sleeps
All our good friends,  hope the voyage never ends
And we’re free, beam reaching free

Tim’s got the fishys, and I lost me lures
Gotta make some up, outta what we got
Old ropes and some wires, make a feather from some tires
Wanna catch a Dorado, a tuna or a wahoo
Fishing for our dinner, everyone is a winner
And we’re free, we beam reaching free

The wind carries us there, to the paradise where
The legends are born, deep inside the storm
Where you can live off the land,  don’t matter where you stand
Love your neighbor and be free,  feels good when you are with me
And we are free, beam reaching Free

Sally smells the barn, and she’s running like a charm
21 days at sea, Is enough for you and me
Time to take stand on the land i know we can
Fatu Hiva, Hiva Oa, Nuka Hiva too
Islands of Marqueses we Fell in love with you

And we are free, beam reaching free