Mustang Sally
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 Updated Jan 17, 2010

Back home with no major voyages planned


We are happily living in Delta B.C. and Mustang Sally has no major voyages planned for the forseeable future.  We are going to work like hell for 5-10 years then retire.  Perhaps after retirement we will consider more off-shore adventures on Mustang Sally.



Fixed schedules are a problem for sail boats.  When the primary means of propulsion is the wind,  and the medium you travel on (water) is greatly effected by bad weather, adherence to fixed schedules can force you to take unnecessary weather related risks. 

Mustang Sally travels when the weather is good.  We spend allot of time analyzing meterological data for the express purpose of avoiding bad weather. 

So far - so good.  No storms or gales while at sea.


Now our cruising plans are mushy as mashed potatoes.   If fate and fortune treat us well we will adventure again.   Sharon's dream is to sail to Mexico each winter and back here for the summers.  Rae's dream schedule is set out below.  If we can swing either one we will be pretty lucky.


  Northern summer 20xx Vancouver,  Hawaii, Somoa
  Spring/Summer soon - 20xx Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Australia (Queensland),  Great Barrier Reef
  Fall Winter following? Indonesia,  Bali, Malaysia, Thailand?
  Spring / Summer following? Indian Ocean - Chagos, Seychelles, Kenya
  Fall Following? East Africa, Tanzania,  Mozambique, Madagascar
  Winter following? South Africa, West Africa, 
  Spring following? Morocco, Gibraltar,  Spain, Portugal
  Summer following? France, Great Britain
  Fall following? Portugal, Morocco,  Canaries
  Winter following? Caribbean
  Late Winter following? San Blas, Panama, Central America
  Spring following Mexico, Hawaii,  Canada