Mustang Sally
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Palmerston Island Dream






d                                         bm
Sleeping under the bananas,
D                                          bm
hanging from the bimini
D                                          bm
On our way to Palmerston Island,
G                                         a
To see the Masters family

Sailing from Aitutaki
Bouncing on the bottom in the pass
a nice Pacific passage
The boat went pretty fast

Bringing a bucket of papayas
For Bob and his family
Have some fun with everyone
And anchor in the lee

Beautiful turquoise waters
Lined by bright white sand
The coral, the crystal waters
There is no better Island

Dinning with BobBy and Tupo
The fresh food tastes so fine
After their pretty daughters
Dance to the music in time

Tiya takes us touring
Around the island green
Fine, kind people everywhere
So tidy and neat and clean

Goldeen swims like a mermaid
Mayhow so cute and brown
Andrew is oh so playful
With his long hair hanging down

We do not want to say goodbye
Gotta go before the storm
Yachties everywhere learning
Palmerston’s legendary form

Thanks for all your kindness
And warm de-vo-tion
The world is so much better

Because of Palmerston