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Mexican Fantasies and Fallacies

In our long journey down the US we have continually sought out information about Mexico.  Our intent is to spend the best part of the fall and winter there,  so many an evening has been spent discussing Mexico with friends and neighbours.  While much good information has been garnered,  we are surprised that some significant misconceptions permeate the  boating community.  We will update this page as we learn more,  but in our humble opinion and very limited Mexican experience,  here are some popular misconceptions:.   
    Cabo San Lucas is Very Expensive and not Worth Stopping

We anchored out, shopped at the local Mexican markets and the Costco, ate out occasionally - off the beach restaurants.  We found prices to be modest.  Fuel was allot cheaper than in the US and most prices were at least half of San Diego.  Good liquor store called "Europa's" at the north east end of the marina shopping complex.  Cabo is busy, but is  beautiful and delightful place.
    Everyone Speaks English in Mexico so you don't need Spanish

You can survive without Spanish as long as you are happy to hang out on gringo row.  Mexico's language is Spanish and most Mexican's don't speak much English.  Some knowledge of the language will help you enjoy Mexico.  Learn some Spanish!

    Wine is Terrible in Mexico.

Many award wining wines are grown around Ensenada.  Not much in the two buck chuck range but 700 peso's or better should get you a good bottle.

    Stock up on Groceries and Food In San Diego

Ensenada food prices are close to half San Diego prices.  About 3/4 of Canadian prices.  All the basics are here.  Don't bother stocking up on anything, unless you have a favorite food that you want to be assured of a good supply.

    Make Sure Your Fuel is Topped off Before you Leave for Mexico

Ensenada diesel is about a dollar less per gallon than San Diego prices.

    Tijuana is Not Mexico

It sure the hell is.   Mexican's live and work there.  The city is very Mexican.  OK it is a border town with typical border town commerce such that you would find in many places in the world where a rich country is next too a poorer one.  That the poorer one is Mexico is just a historical twist of fate.
    Ensenada Habour is so foul that you can't anchor

Well, maybe there are some bad spots.  But we have had the hook up and down three times in the area just south of the moorings with no problem.  Good holding in mud at 10-15 feet.
    Mexico is as Expensive as USA

If you hang out in Gringo row,  the Mexican's are happy to charge you gringo prices.  Buy where the Mexican's buy and you will find prices are modest for most things.