Mustang Sally
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Our Checklist for Sailing Around the World

Gadget for keeping track of where the hell our asses are.  Check
Backup gadget in case the first gadget breaks.   Check
Third Backup gadget in case the second gadget breaks. Check
Sextant and tables in case all the gadgets get blown to hell. Check
All leaks in the boat sealed up. Check - well mostly
Lotsa maps to show where we might be. Check
Full liquor cabinet. Check
Gadget for filling our tanks with home made water. Check
Emergency parachute for when we get really scared. Check
Drugs and stuff for emergencies.  Prescription drugs you idiot! Check
Brain surgery and other first aid manuals. Check
Machettee at the ready. Check
Magic eyes that see for miles, in darkness fog and everything.  (Radar) Check
Get all shot up with dead tropical germs to keep from getting sick . Check
Lots big white and coloured rags to catch the wind and to save on diesel fuel. Check
Things to make the big white things smaller when the wind gets to strong and it starts getting scary Check
Pile of money. Check
Bigger pile of credit. Check
Gadget to steer the boat because we are to lazy. Check
Backup gadget to steer the boat,  we are serious about being lazy. Check
Manual thing to steer the boat if we really have to. Check
Backup manual thing to steer the boat in case the other one breaks. Check
Spare parts to put away and forget about so I can by new ones. Check
Lots of cool tools and neat tool chests to look at. Check
Get out of jail free cards. Check
Big yellow panic button - .  For use only if ass likely to be grass.  (EPIRB) Check
Yellow escape balloon  in case the Panic Button doesn't work. (life raft) Check
Gadget to keep track of all the other gadgets (Trace meter). Check
Long range radio (SSB). Check
Short range radio  (VHF). Check
Short fat hand held radio. Check
Short fat but cute radio (Imate / cell phone). Check
Gadgets to help guess what the weather might be. Check
Lotsa rope to tie each other up - err - I mean - for the sail thingies Check
Thing for attaching the boat to the ground. (Anchor) Check
Backup thingy for attaching the boat to ground. Check
Gadget to tell us when the ground is too close.  (Sonar) Check
Thingies on the bottom of the boat to bounce the ground off of.  (keels) Check
Gadget to warn us when the leaking propane is going to blows up. Check
Gadget to tell us which direction the wind is coming from.  Also serves to tell us which direction we want to go. Check
Lots of Music. Check
Gadget to play the music. Check
Backup gadget in case the music gadget breaks Check
Voice to sing with in case music gadgets get stolen by pirates Check
Ear plugs in case I have to sing Check