Mustang Sally
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Mustang Sally's Computer and Some of her Electronics

The computer helps navigate and tell the auto pilot where to steers the boat.  It displays the radar and charts,  keeps track of stores,  finances pictures and other stuff.

It also keeps Rae amused as he tries to maintain Internet connections at sea.

We have a backup notebook and a backup chart plotter.  Two backup hard drives and two backup GPS'es and a sextant.
The computer is tucked out of site and weather in a cabinet under the navigation station. 

I added a fan to circulate air,  but at least in this temperate climate there is no tendancy to overheating and the fan is just extra noise.  That will change in the tropics.

The computer is an off the shelf Dell Optiplex 280 SX 2 gig,  maxi mega,  zingo zappo,  amp sucking,  licketty split machine.

We needed an extra electrical panel to feed and fuse all the new gadgets.
And a gadget to keep track of all the juice the other gadgets are drinking.