Mustang Sally
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Ocean Dreams

  The dream to sail to far off places is strong.  The boat is strong.  The skipper and crew are strong. 

The dream of freedom of blue skies and golden sandy beaches.  The dream of endless swimming, scarlet sunsets,  surfing and diving.  Tasting the ocean's fruits. 

Free to explore.  Rising to the challenges Neptune and Aeolos throw our way.  Ah - boat maintenance in exotic locations. 

We are bold enough to venture on strange seas to far away harbors and cities,  to live by our wits and experience.

And the treasures we seek are the true treasures this world offers.  We live but once,  and we live for the treasures.  And we will make this dream a reality for a few years. 

Then on to the next dream - until the dreams are but dust in the wind.