Mustang Sally
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Pacific Passage (Galapagos to Marqueses) Statistics


Total Distance Traveled:    3001 miles
Great Circle Distance: 2941 Miles
Days Underway 21
Average Speed 6 knots
West down 1 degree south.  Turn south west at about 112 degrees west.
Take it easy on the crew.  Minimize waves, maximize current based on pilot charts and Visual Passage Planner.
Daily Runs:  
  Best Daily 192
  Average 150
  Worst 113
  Hours Motoring 34
  Hours charging 168
  Fuel Used 38 Gallons
  Mainsail Repairs Blew out three slides at head
  Genoa Repairs De-lamination and holes at tack and along the foot
  Spinnaker Repairs Numerous small tears, cloth getting old
  Reefs used 1st and 2nd
  % of time main sail reefed 70%
  Average wind speed 14 knots
  Low wind speed Zero
  Highest wind speed 28 knots
  Wind direction Mostly south east, oscillating to east & north east
  Days with rain 3
  Average temperature 28C
Watch Schedule 3 on 3 off, round the clock
Hardest working crewmember Vasco (Our ComNav autopilot)
Winner of the Mustang Sally Trip Lottery Rae
   Expensive lures lost 6
   Lures Manufactured 6
   Fish caught 2
   Cost per fish roughly $40

Below are some of the best and worst things about our first major off shore passage
  Rae Sharon
Voyage Highlight Sailing the south Pacific Getting back to land
Worst moment Running out of chocolate Realizing no one was going to beam me up
Funniest thing Sailing backwards, in irons at 2:00 AM Playing the "Would you rather" game
Best meal Barbequed Albacore Tuna Pizza
Trip Mantra Giddy up Mustang Sally This is only uncomfortable, NOT dangerous
Trip persona Popeye Olive Oil
Best Book The Hummingbirds Daughter The Hummingbirds Daughter
Favorite sight The stars in the southern sky Finally seeing land
Favorite Saying Arrrh Passage making is like being in prison with the possibility of drowning
Nicest thing Being alone with my baby Finally seeing land