Mustang Sally
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Polynesian Pricing



Here are some of the worst deals.  Sharon paid $10 a load for laundry, wash only.  In the Marqueses $80 for 24 beer!  Diesel hit $6/gallon in Bora Bora.  Watermelons - $18.  Pineapples - $10 for two.  Head of cabbage for $7.  Internet around $10 per hour.


Beer $4-6 in a hotel or restaurant and about $2 from a grocery if you shop around and return the bottles.  Cocktails - $7.50 at happy hour, double that for regular prices.  Bottle of reasonable rum $30-40.  As you can see on the right, the price of beer has little to do with the amount consumed.


But there are some good deals too.  I got 100 liters of fuel for about 20 cents a liter by trading.  Coconuts, limes, bananas and papaya can be had for the asking at small rural gardens.  Tatoos and pearls are cheaper than else where in the world. French Baguettes for 60 cents.



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