Mustang Sally
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Polynesian Transvestites


The lore has it that the oldest boy in a Polynesian family is to be raised as a girl.  Some say it is because the young girls were sacrificed and there became a shortage of girls.  Whatever the reason – the Society Island have a higher percentage of transvestites and they seem to be accepted as a natural part of society.


There are both big ugly transvestites as well as slim sexy ones.  They all have moves so feminine it is easy to be fooled.  I once asked a young lady for directions, and was momentarily at a loss for words when I looked in her sexy flirting eyes and erotically tattooed eye brows.  I realized something was wrong but I couldn’t look away – she came on so strong and sexy.  My French language skills are not great, but at the mention of $200 the spell was broken,  I blinked and realized this was not a lady at all and nor was he/she of high moral character.


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