Mustang Sally
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A Giggle from the Tongan Agriculture Inspector

The Agricultural Inspector in Tonga was an outgoing man named Victor.  His job was to make sure no foreign fruits and vegetables get into Tonga.  After confiscating our coconuts and mangos and leaving our squash and carrots he sat down to for a drink and cookies.    He teased the other inspectors and joked around for a while.  The customs and immigration personnel finished their business and left but Victor remained behind. 

Victor was a chatty Cathy, lingering, going on about the weather and life and politics and munching on cookies.   He flirted shamelessly with Sharon and Annie.  I found him quite annoying, but you know the old story about the need to be nice to the bureaucrats – if you don’t they can choose to make your life miserable.   

I was also bothered he kept saying we should have a ‘gift’ for him.   I didn’t like him and I wasn’t giving him any darn ‘gifts’.  I tried to think of a polite way to tell this guy to go to hell. 

The customs agent came back and asked if we minded another boat mooring outside of Mustang Sally  (using our cleats and trapping us on the dock) to help speed processing the other boats.  I used my big voice to explain  “Yes - I bloody well do mind”.   

The girls were horrified by my lack of tact.   But it seemed to me  a good excuse to get rid of Victor.  I explained to the girls and the Victor that we were holding up the processing of other boats and we had to leave the dock.  Under my breath – “This is a hint Victor – get the hell off my boat.”

Victor says  “Well, I am not leaving until these cookies are gone!”   He started stuffing two at a time into his mouth.  “Wellefff”, he says through a mouth full of cookies,  “maybe I’ll just put the rest of these in my pockets.” and off he went.  We were free and laughed long at Victor’s cookie antics.