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A Summer in New Zealand

 (Dec 2006- April 2007)

We fit right into this sailing Mecca.  Kiwi’s have more boats per capita than any other nation.  They love sailing and probably have more skilled sailors than all other nations. 

Kiwi’s also love skydiving.  And surfing.  Mountain climbing.  Hiking.  Whitewater rafting.  Black water rafting, and skiing.  And jumping off the highest building in Auckland like the person on the right.

 The Kiwi’s are an activity addicted bunch.

The southern summer in New Zealand was delightful.  We traveled to the north of the north Island and to the south of the south.  We zipped from east coast to west coast several times.  We jumped out of an airplanes three kilometers high and dove to 30 meters under the sea.  All we can say is wow, what an extraordinary land this New Sealand is.  (Yes – it is a Sealand)

So if you want adventure,  New Zealand’s got it.   Click on the links below to share some of our New Zealand adventures.

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