Mustang Sally
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Mustang Sally is an off shore sailing catamaran.  Rae and Sharon Simpson sailed Mustang Sally south down the west coast of the Americas then across the Pacific to New Zealand.  We completed a round the world curcuit by flying from Auckland via Dubai and London back to Vancouver, Canada.  

Mustang Sally returned a different way - from New Zealand to Mexico via Dockwise freighter.  Then Rae and Sharon, Chuck and Cathy sailed north up the west coast of North America to Vancouver.  Mustang Sally is now moored in Maple Bay B.C. Canada.  This web site chronicles the 2005-2009 adventures.

Northern and central California Southern California The Baja Galapagos The Marquesas Tuamoto New Zealand Costa Rico Guatemala Tehaunapec and the deep south of Mexico Ecuador Peru - Puno, Lake Titiqaqa, Cuso, Machu Pichu

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Much of the adventure was spent diving under the sea.  Click here to see some great under water sights courtesy of Laurel, Daryl, and Katie of Cool Bananas Cruising.


Sea Stories and Shanties:
-   Spear Fishing in the Tuamotu
-   The Wreck of Umi
-   The Great Race
-   A Voyage to New Zealand
-   Rainy Day Boat Yard Blues
-   Beam Reaching Free
-   Diego Dock Dance
-   Dreams
-   Palmerston Island Dream
-   Santa Catalina Farewell
-   Escape from Tonga
-   Laziness and Beer

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